Is your company looking to reduce cycle time, labor, assembly, packaging, and/or inventory costs?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Is your company looking to reduce cycle time, labor costs, assembly costs, packaging costs, and/or inventory costs?

You have to act as your own financial gatekeeper.

Managing your company’s finances, risks, and cost controls is a top and critical priority. Those of us that lead companies essentially need to be aware of under the radar labor costs. For companies involved in manufacturing products or marketing products there is an often hidden cost to tasks such as product assembly, packaging, and distribution. Company leaders are now looking seriously at their real cost of labor for this type of work.

Leaders are now strategically considering the real costs of labor. This applies to those who have in-house labor and those that bring in temporary agency workers, both skilled and unskilled. There are many cases where neither of the above can offer the versatility, efficiency and knowledge that will reduce production and labor costs.

How do you cut labor costs with regard to:

  • Effectively handle tasks such as product assembly, packaging, and distribution?

  • Creating true productivity when projects are labor-intense and highly detailed?

  • Cutting lost time figuring out how to handle specialized assembly challenges?

  • Versatility: responding immediately to flexibility and change?

  • Unproductive time lost waiting for more materials or facing some process bottleneck?

You can do something about this.

Your company can benefit from our ability to reduce cycle time, labor cost, assembly costs, packaging cost, and inventory cost. Although certain instances work for using temporary/part time labor agencies or in-house labor there are many project needs that simply do not. With more than 20 years experience we provide proven efficiency expertise to improve labor and production costs.

We are specialists in addressing projects that are specialized, labor intense, detailed, and complex. Our people are seasoned in assembly, packaging and can offer high velocity solutions to difficult and unique needs. Our 40,000 foot facility is designed to be flexible and can accommodate any requirement fast and effectively. Whether it’s a baseball, lapel pin, paperweight and a gold pen that need to be assembled into a package or if it’s 25 items with four different package configurations, we have the ability to produce it. What we do can absolutely help you!

Consider this example and then translate it to your own labor force numbers:

If you have a 20 person department handling assembly, packaging, kitting, and distribution.

At what capacity does that department run?



These are significant numbers, and the numbers don’t lie! As the overall gatekeeper of your business, numbers like this are hindering profitable growth and in many cases poor project results can hurt your reputation with your customers. These are growing real world issues which our company has observed first-hand and solved. Why not discover what is possible for your business!

--Wayne Suchy, CEO

Atlantic Coast Fulfillment

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