White Glove Operation Saves Head Wrap Holiday Promotion

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Logistics Personal Care Industry Case Study

Case study outlining how the White Glove services of Atlantic Coast Fulfillment resolved a head wrap shipment for the personal care industry.

Case Study


Customer provided thousands of head wraps in bulk, shipped from overseas. Many of the items were damaged requiring diligent inspection, white glove operation. The project was already running behind due to problems with the off-shore company.


  • Critical Inspection for deformities.

  • Prepared each item --rolled out by hand.

  • Each head wrap was branded.

  • Each one had to be folded in a precise pattern to fit properly in a plastic poly bag.

  • Inserted bands into poly bags with tie.

  • Carton and ship to distribution center.


Despite the problems inherited from the overseas company, Atlantic Coast Fulfillment completed the inspections and shipped the personal care head wrap products to multiple US locations well in advance of the holiday deadline.

As you can see our white glove operations and fulfillment services go beyond. We pride ourselves on customer solutions that are both accurate and timely.

Our Experience in the Personal Care Industry

Atlantic Coast Fulfillment has experience within the personal care industry and has provided a wide variety of services ranging from warehouse, distribution, custom packaging, inspections, value added services, and product sampling.

Contact us for personal care logistics and white glove services!

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