Some project solutions can’t be handled by machines.

As it is with most things today, finding the quickest solution to some problem tends to send us to the digital world or a form of automation. Clearly, there’s a place for this however, it’s far from the singular solution. This is especially true when a company has a labor intense project with a fast-approaching deadline while facing an unusual or specialty project regarding, assembly, wrapping, packaging, and distribution.

For example: a client came to us facing a huge holiday opportunity to introduce a new cosmetic related product. They developed a small two inch by two box intended to hold a small rolled up retail coupon. No big deal right? Well it would have been true, but these little holiday boxes needed to be filled with snow; that is, granular, manufactured white snow particles that you might see in a holiday window display. That changed everything.

No automated system could put this together. An automated system, even if it was available could not be set up in time to get 150,000 little, hard to handle boxes filled with snow and a rolled up coupon out to retail locations in time. There’s more. Our team had to figure out how to make this work from collation, to assembly to packaging and handle what could be a mess of granular snow particles all over the place in our plant, on our workers, equipment and then keep it from pouring out of the box itself on retail counters.

The challenge required us to come up with a detailed, well thought-out and accurate solution: fast! That’s exactly what we achieved. All 150,000 boxes were completed in record time and shipped to multiple locations before the deadline and with no snowfall accompanying the boxes.

“Specialists,” that’s what we are when it comes to projects like this. There are a wide range of companies that face challenges like this, especially when they can’t simply be fed into a machine or assembly line approach. Expert hands-on work remains the superior solution when faced with projects like this. Of course, we deal with some projects using a combination of machines and hands-on labor. Over the 20 plus years, our experience in this arena has helped us become “efficiency experts.” It’s a fact; technology is useful but it isn’t the end-all! As always, if you would like to discuss topics along this line for your business, contact me.

Wayne Suchy

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