The Lip Liner Debacle

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Case Study outlining how Atlantic Coast Fulfillment resolved a cosmetics manufacturer error on thousands of lip liners. And inspected, kitted, and distributed them to department stores and still met the deadline!

Atlantic Coast Fixes a Cosmetics Manufacturer Error

Case Study


A cosmetic company needed to have a manufacturer error fixed on thousands of lip liners, have them inspected, kitted, and distributed to department stores nationally... quickly!


Atlantic Coast received the cosmetics in bulk by the thousands.

To fix the manufacturer error we removed the plastic sheathing from each liner, strike out the existing barcode which the manufacturer placed on each item by mistake, and placed a new TESTER label on each product.

Then the liners were carefully matched for multiple product samples, collated into specific kits, and packaged for distribution. 


The cosmetics were inspected, kitted, and distributed to the department stores and met the department store deadline with the error fixed on every lip liner. 

As you can see our fulfillment services go beyond fulfillment.

We pride ourselves on customer solutions that are both accurate and timely.

Our Experience in the Cosmetics Industry

Atlantic Coast Fulfillment has experience within the cosmetic industry and has provided a wide variety of services ranging from warehouse, distribution, custom packaging, inspections, value added services, and product sampling. Read more information about our experience working with cosmetic companies or contact us.

Compelling reasons to choose Atlantic Coast Fulfillment:

The beautiful image your products provide to your customers.
The beautiful presentation of your products in the store.

You never get a second chance to look right the first time!

Contact us for cosmetic fulfillment, displays, and value added services!

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