Goals Power Your Business Not Inspiration

Over the years in business, I’ve found that one of the primary reasons that companies do not attain what they expect is because they do not have focused goals. Maybe you’ve heard that before, but the question is, what have you done to apply it? In business, goals are the key to success, and that result shows up when goals are consistently at top of mind, and being pursued. Here at Atlantic Coast Fulfillment I had set a goal to find a larger facility due to our business growth. We were in a confined position with the space we were in and had little cooperation from the building owner. I set the goal in my head that we would find a way to achieve this and it took two years to accomplish. If that goal had not been burned in my mind we would still be in the old space.

It’s absolutely vital to be consistent -- as in “every day” staying focused. There are a host of things that business owners like you and me have to deal with. And each one of them stands in line demanding our attention which in many ways stands between us and our goals. I had to take a stand between what was urgent and what was important and what could wait. Someone once said the following about interruptions to goal pursuit:

Each of those interruptions is a challenge. And they’re asking us, “How bad do you want it? How much effort will you still put in?”

This is all well and good, but keep in mind that the interruptions are not all that will hinder you, it’s not having a plan for your goals that’s the real issue. It doesn’t matter how inspired or passionate you feel about your business goal, if you don’t have an actionable plan, you will not follow through. Inspiration ignites momentum, but it doesn’t create follow through. When you have a plan you will remain focused, in motion, and do what needs to be done. A plan, and it can be a basic one, keeps you moving forward. I can tell you that finding a larger space for my business at the budget we had wasn’t all I needed; it was finding the right space, and I had a deadline because they decided to demolish the building we were housed in. That would have been overwhelming if I hadn’t had a plan to follow, etched solidly in my mind.

I think it’s best to begin with one business goal that you really need to achieve and identify the needed priority task for every day. If you pick just one task, that’s going to be the most important task, and it isn’t crowded out by three other big goals. Every week I scoured real estate listings, spoke to agents, networked and literally drove around looking on my own, and that last task got me to the goal of a new facility. Do yourself and your business a favor, set a priority goal and be consistent with it until you attain it.

As always I am happy to discuss any business matters with you so feel free to contact me. It’s always good sense to bounce ideas around: contact Wayne Suchy.

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