Efficiency in Ink Jet Process

Whether it's any variety of products or size:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Envelops
  • Magazines
  • Postcards​
  • Self Mailers​​
Atlantic Coast Fulfillment utilizes a flexible inkjet system that can easily be made to accommodate.
Spraying the address directly onto your mail piece is a faster and more economical way of addressing your mail than printing labels.

We are capable of printing true type fonts in black or any range colors.

A      B      C     D

In addition to printing the address block with a barcode, our inkjet machines can also print a logo, as well as, a mailing permit indicia. All of our inkjet machines are equipped with an ink dryer to preserve the sharpness of the printing and eliminate any chance of smudging or smearing.

Buskro Inkjet System

  • Compose SI control software

  • Printing true type fonts up to 600 DPI

  • Inline speed-Dri drying system

  • Inline Buskro tab/stamper model BK-731

  • Capable of printing in three different locations in a single pass

  • Simultaneous vertical/horizontal imprint in one pass

Kirkrudy Inkjet System

  • Astro Jet control software

  • Inline Speed-Dry drying system

  • Inline Kirk Rudy tab/stamper mkodel 535-CS

  • Capable of printing in three different locations in a single pass

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