Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Specialists

Atlantic Coast Fulfillment has over 20 years experience in the direct mail industry to guarantee your direct mailing is handled just the way you want it. Your direct mail and custom packages will receive the best postal discounts.

Wide Variety of Direct Mail Options

Postcards, Envelopes, Self-mailers, Catalogs, Magazines, Brochures, and Product Samples

Direct Mail Inserts
  • Automated Inserting - Automated direct mail is fast and efficient for single or multiple piece inserts.

  • Hand Inserting - Custom hand inserted mailers when the personal touch is needed.


Inkjet and Laser Addressing
  • Capable of printing in 3 different locations in a single pass.

  • Simultaneous vertical/horizontal imprint in 1 pass

  • Inkjet true type fonts up to 600 DPI.


Digital Metering

High-performance digital metering with the IJ15K Neopost Mailing System


USPS Approved Presort Software

Presort First Class, Standard Mail, Bound Printed Matter


Personalized Mailings
  • Variable Imaging (VI)

  • Match Mailing

SCF and NDC direct trucking available​​
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inkjet and laser addressing

Full-Service IMB compliant


USPS Plant load certified


Supported by FedEx, UPS, USPS, Endicia

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