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Specialized Fulfillment Solutions for the Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic & beauty related companies take advantage of powerful benefits by outsourcing to Atlantic Coast

Cosmetic and beauty related products often require unique storage and shipping conditions that not every fulfillment company will be able to reliably fulfill. But, working with Atlantic Coast Fulfillment provides proven benefits to cosmetic companies, and allows them to focus on the areas of their business where they have expertise. There are numerous things that must be taken into account when looking for a cosmetic fulfillment company, depending on the products that you require logistics help with.

  • We meet your specialized needs in putting together multiple items into finished packages for sampling, merchandising etc.

  • You gain efficiencies that can’t be realized by handling your projects in-house as labor costs increase.

  • Plus, larger scale fulfillment companies are not interested in handling your smaller, specialized projects.

  • Atlantic allows you to scale up or down—you don’t have to hire additional employees to handle ebb and flow for holidays and seasonal times.

  • Atlantic improves your efficiency, productivity and budget.

  • Atlantic’s skilled professionals handle labor-intense projects and solve difficult fulfillment challenges that so often occur in the cosmetics and beauty related industry, with total efficiency.

Atlantic Coast Fulfillment "Specialists" in: 

  • Assembly

  • Bagging

  • Counter Cards

  • Distribution

  • Gift Set Assembly

  • Inspection

  • Label Making

  • Labeling

  • Merchandisers

  • Packaging

  • Refurbishing

  • Sampling

  • High levels of Detail

  • Intricate Handling

  • Labor Intensive

  • Error-Free

  • Challenging Assembly

  • Detailed Packaging

  • Deadline Sensitive

  • Technical Advisors

  • White Glove Operations

  • Secure Facility

Recent Cosmetic Project Case Study:


Cosmetics / Lip Liners / Test samplers at retail


OBJECTIVE: This cosmetic company needed to have a manufacturer error fixed on thousands of lip liners, have them inspected, kitted, and distributed to department stores nationally.



SOLUTION: Atlantic Coast received the cosmetics in bulk by the 

thousands. To fix the manufacturer error we removed the plastic sheathing from each liner, strike out the existing barcode which the manufacturer placed on each item by mistake, and placed a new TESTER label on each product. Then the liners were carefully matched for multiple product samples, collated into specific kits, and packaged for distribution. 



RESULTS: The products were inspected, kitted, and distributed to the department stores and met the department store deadline. ​

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Two logical and compelling reasons to choose Atlantic Coast Fulfillment

for your cosmetic and beauty product requirements:


The beautiful image your products provide to your customers.
The beautiful presentation of your products in the store.


You never get a second chance to look right the first time!


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