Efficiency in Direct Mail Projects

ACF combines it's EM Process, technology and people with 20 years experience in the industry to guarantee your direct mailing is handled just the way you want it!

We are experts with custom packaging and will insure you

receive the best postal discounts.

Our people regular attend PCC workshops to stay up to date on any changes. As you know, Postage plays a significant role in the cost associated with any mailing project. ACF guides you every step of the way to assure EFFICIENCY on every level/ this is especially valuable to you when dealing with odd shapes or multiple pieces of varying sizes. Whether your piece is letter-size, flat or an irregular parcel, we will presort to give you maximum postage discounts. Our presorting software meets all U.S Postal Service mailing regulations and is capable of presorting First Class Mail, Standard Mail, and bound printed matter. ACF is USPS Plant load certified and has SCF and NDC direct trucking available. If your project does not fall with USPS regulations or is a large package, we offer UPS and FedEX batch processing solutions. ACF utilizes automated carton sealers and has a Little David LS500 Automatic Labeling System that applies shipping labels to several different packages. 

We offer a wide range of mail preparation services, including:

  • List Hygiene 

  • CASS, NCOA, Merge/Purge

  • Automated Folding 

  • Inkjet and Laser Addressing 

  • Automated or Hand Inserting  Single or Multiple Piece Inserts

  • Wafer Seals (tabbing)

  • Metering

  • Sort, Tray/sack, tag

  • Automated Stamping

  • Variable Imaging

  • Match Mailing

  • Full service IMB compliant 

  • IJ-15K Neopost Mailing System

  • RENA T-650 Multi side Inline Tabber

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