Shield Your Workers Against Infection

with the

ALT 57 Full Face Shield

High quality and, unlike many other shields, the ALT 57 provides light weight protection so it does not hinder or interfere during use. That makes a big difference in comfort and productivity.

We only use the best domestically sourced materials to assure quality and dependability.

  • Crafted to surround the entire face.

  • Powerful protection.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • Inhibits hand to face contact.

  • 90% biodegradable and disposable.

  • The face shield offers many potential safety uses that can be determined by the individual requirement.

Affordable Product Pricing 

$6.50 each, 25 per carton. One carton minimum.
100 shields and over: $6.00 each
Shipping and CT tax not included.

Placing an order is easy. Just call, email, or fill out the form.


CALL: Natalie Pacello, President — 203-258-9888






Foam band for comfort fit

Light weight splatter protection

Excellent air circulation

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MINIMUM 1 Case, 25 Shields/case, $6.50/shield

DISCOUNT on orders over 100 Shields, $6.00/shield.

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The ALT 57 has not yet been evaluated for reuse. You can determine whether to discard or sanitize after each use individually.

Atlantic Coast Fulfillment has been in business solving industry problems for over 25 years. The ALT 57 Full Face Shield is produced in our plant in North Haven, Connecticut under strict safety procedures.