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Atlantic Coast Fulfillment, ACF, is owned and operated by Wayne Suchy. ACF is a family-run 3PL company operating in Connecticut since 1996. The business is strategically located in North Haven, Connecticut, close to I-95, the Merritt Parkway, airports, and rail.


MISSION: ACF is at the forefront of today’s most innovative approaches to specialized projects in the fulfillment arena but remains grounded in customer support, commitment to enhancing the client’s brand, image, and reputation.


Specialized fulfillment projects require strategic thinking and handling and are often labor-intensive and must be error-free. Atlantic Coast Fulfillment is unique in that we handle many projects that our customers have never addressed before - so we develop the solutions to make it work. This is a truly unique service. Our 20 plus years of skilled experience provides solutions that work efficiently and affordability.


At Atlantic Coast Fulfillment we base all our efforts on something of extraordinary value to our customers: Their Business Reputation!  Actually, it’s a practical approach when you consider that whoever handles your product once it leaves your control reflects on you and your business. To us, this is more important than merely offering you long lists of equipment and services.


It takes more than equipment

Equipment and instruments do not come up with custom solutions. What good is technology if it doesn’t get your products inspected, collated, packaged and shipped properly? That does nothing to support your name and reputation in the marketplace.


Atlantic Coast Fulfillment is your straightest line from Product to Market.

Fulfillment must go beyond the simple days of pick and pack and order fulfillment. Today it must be an approach that foresees potential issues in order to address them in advance. Whether a client needs a specialized project solution or an entire system, integrating warehousing, logistics, kiting, sampling in overall seamless service, we allow you to focus on your other responsibilities. This is more important than merely offering lists of equipment and services which do not come up with customer solutions; our smart, experienced people do!



From a solutions perspective here are some of the ways we can benefit your business:

Strategic partner

Difficult project requirements

Better production times and accuracy

Overflow workloads

Consulting on cost and productivity issues

Specialty needs

Full service


Industries Served

Over the past 20+ years, we have worked with a wide variety of businesses. Some of the industries we've served include but are not limited to:


It’s a fact that fulfillment can make or break the results of all the effort your company has put into preparing your products. At Atlantic Coast Fulfillment our customers are served in one of the most critically strategic business areas: product cycle to market.


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